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10 Reasons to use

1. Protect and Assist – We are here to protect our clients by offering peace of mind when purchasing a home and assist the Realtor and home owner with the transaction.

2. Licensing/Training - We use Carson Dunlop Training. Over 450 hours of study, 30+ exams, four weeks of initial field training including live field inspections and over one year mentoring (150+ inspections) by an internationally recognized home inspection company. Over 1500 inspections performed to date.

3. Certified Home Inspector – Diploma holding (with honors) Certified Home Inspector with internationally recognized course.

4. Insured - Fully insured for your protection.

5. Professional Reports – Typed report delivered electronically within 24h using the best software in the industry. Complete with photos in a secure PDF format, it is easy to understand and includes a summary of the findings at the beginning of the report.

6. Professional Appearance - Professional, personable, courteous inspector.

7. Availability – We book inspections 7 days a week with flexible hours!

8. Unbiased Inspection– Although we understand the time, effort and money the Realtor has invested with their client, we are not affiliated in any way with Realtors or contractors yet we include what can be done to rectify potential problems.

9. “For Sale” Inspections - We offer inspections for the home seller to facilitate a faster sale for more money, eliminate last minute sale fall-throughs, let the seller be aware of existing issues and reduce liability with full disclosure. We protect sellers from over inflated buyer estimates, and provide purchasers the comfort of an unbiased third party opinion.

10. Experience – Over 25 years of ongoing experience in new home construction, renovations and property management. Ask your home inspector if he/she actually works (or has ever worked!) in the home construction field. We are not afraid of hard work and look forward to working hard for you!